Ledgerly is a Burlington, Vermont based online bookkeeping service designed to handle all of your financial record keeping needs. We help business owners take control over their finances and provide essential accounting support to help gain visibility into their business.

Using the latest and best technology, we partner with award-winning industry apps (ReceiptBank, QuickBooks Online, Bill.com and others) to help bring you the best bookkeeping experience in the area.

With a fixed monthly rate, Ledgerly Bookkeeping allows business owners to have a predictable monthly rate eliminating the need to track and review the hours of an in-house bookkeeper, saving your company time and money. At the end of the year we will work with your CPA or we can recommend a reputable CPA to process your end of year return.

Get a clear and accurate picture of the financial state of your business. Visit www.ledgerly.com to learn more and schedule a free consultation.

Ledgerly Bookkeeping
People Focused. Technology Driven.

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